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Data Tech’s work force are all PAYE employees of the business, our investment in people and training is second to none in this sector, for example, not content with merely training to required standards our Site Persons In Charge (SPC) are mentored and schooled to a standard unparalleled by any of our competitors, the key to effective service delivery trackside is Safety.

The Safe Systems of Works we deploy for every shift are known and understood by our staff, our record of incident free and safe delivery is outstanding and again un-matched by our competition, Data Tech are committed to treating our SPC’s as Safety Critical.

Millions of meters trackside cabling installed, Fiber Optic, HV power, LV power, Signaling, Leaky Feeder and Communications cables have been successfully and safety installed for the past 17 years.

Data Tech has introduced innovations into this sector that are game changers in terms of safety and efficiency, Coiling technology, Track Screw, Concrete Screws, CAD Aided Gauging,  Shepard’s Crooks to name a few.


London Underground - major contracts deliveries for re-signalling for Thales, Siemens.

London Underground - WiFi contract delivery

London Underground ESN/PCN delivery

Dockland Light Railway - Signaling contracts for DLR growth

Network Rail - Re-signaling contracts and small works

Photography by Monica Wells


This video shows Delivery to installation of two Leaky Feeders for the ESN/PCN (Emergency Services Network/ Public Communications Network) trail site. The site is the tunnel section between Waterloo and Bank “The Drain” one of the most challenging tunnel sections in London Underground, driven deep under the River Thames, opened in 1898, built by John Mowlem & Co at a 2019 equivalent cost of £26 million pounds, it is 2,37km in length, to this day over 17 million passenger journey per year,

Using the Greathead Shield innovational (at the time) method  to bore the tunnel. The walls are formed from cast Iron Rings of seven segments, at some stage in the past we suspect the 1940/50’s the tunnel walls were lined with concrete, making securing fixings into the side walls an “interesting and challenging” task to be overcome.

Two Leakey Feeders and fiber optic links have been installed to achieve the toughest of test beds for the ESN/PCN. The project is currently in delivery.

A link to the history of this fascinating piece of London Underground history -

Leaky Feeder Installation New
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